My name is Tomasz Gągor.

I’m passionate day to day DevOps practitioner. I enjoy anything Linux driven, especially containerised web services. Security freak who loves to work with, managing, scaling Cloud systems.

I’m generalist, touched many, strange topic across my career. I used to speak with DBAs about advantages of one DB engine over the another and how to tune them for better performance. With Network guys, it happen to me to debug IKE proto by raw packets. Somehow (don’t know how it happen), people know me as Java performance tuning specialist :)

I’m not a regular developer, but it happen to me to write smaller and bigger apps in Python/Ruby/Groovy/Perl. I love Makefiles for simple day to day automation. I’m addicted to shell, it’s one of main reasons I consider myself Windows incompatible (no Bash/Zsh). I have voodoo-magic-script for almost anything. I automate a lot, either with code or just playing with another IoT thingie.

All pages on my site are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.