Maximizing page performance and security with Cloudflare tuning

Info I use free tier of Cloudflare and all recommendations assume only those are available. Why to cache statically generated blog? My Blog is statically generated website served from Github Pages. As Github don’t allow to easily set my own domain (at least in free version), I needed some kind of proxy that: can serve page from my domain, will provide valid certificate for HTTPS. Info I know HTTPS for static site is a non-sense, but to keep it performant with HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 - you need it....

2024-01-11 · 8 min · timor

Prepare for DoS like Cloudflare do

I watched nice presentation about how Cloudflare protects itself against DoS. Most of us are not able to do that exactly like them but some of tips were general enough to be used on typical web front server. I took notes from this presentation and presented here. Thanks to Marek agreement I also reposted all examples (in easier to copy paste way). Howto prepare against ACK/FIN/RST/X-mas flood Use conntrack rule:...

2016-02-05 · 4 min · timor