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Changing comments provider for my blog

I’ve been thinking about switching comments system to something different on my blog. Since I moved to Hugo, I used Disqus. Integration was easy and it was also easy to move comments from Wordpress. Maybe the move was easy, but people somehow didn’t like the interface. I receive 6 comments since I switched from Wordpress 3 years ago 😄 To be honest, I don’t like it too. I was thinking about switch to something else, something different, but I was waiting for this punch....

2023-12-26 · 2 min · timor
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Bye Bye Wordpress!

I started my blog on custom (written by my) engine, but as I didn’t had enough time to enhance it I switched to Wordpress. I’ve been using Wordpress as an engine of my blog for past 8~9 years. I have small VPS with PHP + Nginx and you can find a lot of configuration examples from my config on this site 😄 There was a time, when I was really satisfied by what it provides....

2020-10-24 · 2 min · timor