Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese?An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life Author: Spencer Johnson amazon.pl

2023-03-21 · 1 min · timor

Przywództwo i oszukiwanie samego siebie

Przywództwo i oszukiwanie samego siebieJak uwolnić się z pułapki uprzedzeń Author: Praca zbiorowa empik.com

2023-02-25 · 1 min · timor

Zaczynaj od DLACZEGO

Zaczynaj od DLACZEGOJak wielcy liderzy inspirują innych do działania Author: Simon Sinek amazon.pl

2022-12-01 · 1 min · timor

Pięć dysfunkcji pracy zespołowej

Pięć dysfunkcji pracy zespołowejOpowieść o przywództwie Author: Patrick M. Lencioni amazon.plamazon.comempik.com

2022-11-22 · 1 min · timor


DriveThe Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us Author: Daniel H. Pink amazon.plamazon.comempik.com Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us is a book that I recently read and found to be highly insightful. The author, Daniel H. Pink, explores the science of motivation and argues that the traditional carrot-and-stick approach is outdated and ineffective. He claims that in today’s rapidly changing and complex world, autonomy, mastery, and purpose are the most important drivers of motivation....

2022-04-19 · 1 min · timor

Od dobrego do wielkiego

Od dobrego do wielkiegoCzynniki trwałego rozwoju i zwycięstwa firm Author: Jim Collins amazon.plamazon.comempik.com The book is a comprehensive analysis of what makes a good company great, and how organizations can achieve long-term success. Collins and his team conducted extensive research to identify common characteristics and practices among companies that have made the leap from good to great, and the book presents the results of their findings. The book is well-written and provides a wealth of practical insights and advice for organizations looking to improve their performance and achieve lasting success....

2021-10-02 · 1 min · timor


KsiążęAuthor: Nicolo Machiavelli empik.com

2021-03-04 · 1 min · timor

Projekt Feniks

Projekt FeniksPowieść o IT, modelu DevOps i o tym, jak pomóc firmie w odniesieniu sukcesu Authors: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford helion.pl

2018-08-18 · 1 min · timor

Sztuka wojny

Sztuka wojnyWydanie 3 Authors: Sun Tzu, Sun Pin maklerska.pl

2017-05-22 · 1 min · timor