Starość aksolotla

Starość aksolotlaHardware dreams Author: Jacek Dukaj Starość Aksolotla is a book written by Polish author Jacek Dukaj that I recently had the pleasure of reading. The book is a science fiction novel that explores themes of longevity, immortality, and the meaning of life. The protagonist of the story is a centuries-old axolotl, a species of salamander that is capable of regenerating its limbs and organs, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he grapples with the consequences of his own immortality....

2022-11-21 · 1 min · timor

The three-body problem

The three-body problemAuthor: Cixin Liu The novel is set in the future and follows the discovery of an alien civilization, the Trisolarans, and humanity’s attempts to make contact and defend against them. The book is known for its complex scientific concepts, philosophical ideas, and intricate storyline. Overall, “The Three-Body Problem” has been highly praised by readers and critics for its unique and thought-provoking approach to science fiction. Personally, I found this book to be annoying in a few places, especially when it referred to people’s commitment following government decisions....

2022-09-06 · 1 min · timor

Kubernetes Operators

Kubernetes OperatorsAutomating the Container Orchestration Platform Authors: Jason Dobies, Joshua Wood

2022-06-22 · 1 min · timor

Projekt Jednorożec

Projekt JednorożecPowieść o szansie w epoce przewrotów cyfrowych Author: Gene Kim

2021-12-09 · 1 min · timor

Java Performance Companion

Java Performance CompanionAuthors: Charlie Hunt, Monica Beckwith, Poonam Parhar, Bengt Rutisson

2020-02-10 · 1 min · timor

Troubleshooting Java Performance

Troubleshooting Java PerformanceDetecting Anti-Patterns with Open Source Tools 1st ed. Edition Author: Erik Ostermueller

2020-02-10 · 1 min · timor

Bezpieczeństwo aplikacji webowych

Bezpieczeństwo aplikacji webowychAuthors: Michał Bentkowski, Gynvael Coldwind, Artur Czyż, Rafał Janicki, Jarosław Kamiński, Adrian Michalczyk, Mateusz Niezabitowski, Marcin Piosek, Michał Sajdak, Grzegorz Trawiński, Bohdan Widła

2019-10-04 · 1 min · timor


DevOpsŚwiatowej klasy zwinność, niezawodność i bezpieczeństwo w Twojej organizacji Authors: Gene Kim, Patrick Debois, John Willis, Jez Humble, John Allspaw

2019-10-04 · 1 min · timor

Projekt Feniks

Projekt FeniksPowieść o IT, modelu DevOps i o tym, jak pomóc firmie w odniesieniu sukcesu Authors: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

2018-08-18 · 1 min · timor

Broń matematycznej zagłady

Broń matematycznej zagładyJak algorytmy zwiększają nierówności i zagrażają demokracji Author: Cathy O'Neil

2018-03-22 · 1 min · timor